Nebraska Education Laws
2023 Edition Book

Nebraska Education Laws supplies fingertip access to the wide range of statutes affecting education in the state of Nebraska. In one concise volume, you will have ready access to the laws that schools, education professionals, and education law attorneys need most often. Fully indexed and annotated by LexisNexis’ experienced staff of attorneys and editors, Nebraska Education Laws is a must-have resource for anyone who needs to keep abreast of developments in this dynamic area of the law.

Features for the 2023 Edition:
Supreme Court Summaries on Selected Education Laws

This appendix is created by our staff attorneys and designed to provide the reader with a concise overview of U.S. Supreme Court decisions relating to education law. Selected case notes from the United States Supreme Court Reporters provide succinct summaries of Supreme Court holdings based on the Court’s own language. The aim of the appendix is to efficiently inform the reader of governing decisions relating to education issues and to enrich the understanding of the true spirit and nature of the law.

Table of Contents:

Includes the full text of Chapter 79. Schools from the Revised Statutes of Nebraska.

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